Dance is the hidden language of soul. The more you practice the Luckier you are. The expert in anything was once a beginner.
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Shah Satnam ji girls School, Taranagar has all the facilities of a modern, well-equipped school. Students are encouraged to involve themselves in the various facilities in order to evolve into a healthy and well-groomed personality. Students are motivated to form various activity clubs and groups to develop sustained interest and interact with other students. Thus, the school ensures the grooming of students into multi faceted personalities, nurturing their talents and skills. Keeping in tune with technology driven modern times.Shah Satnam ji girls School, Taranagar ensures that practical knowledge is placed on an equal footing as theoretical knowledge, and is given due emphasis for the student’s all-round development. For this purpose the school has laboratories in numerous disciplines, which provide in-depth knowledge to its students. The student-friendly atmosphere in these laboratories facilitates the enhancement of the overall personality of the students through motivation and reinforcement. The school has various laboratories equipped with the latest and most modern facilities.

Computer Lab
Language Lab
Mathematics Lab
Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
General Science Lab

Each year, some old labs are renovated with new furnishings and equipment while some new labs are added to the school infrastructure, all in a continuous drive to keep our school at the fore-front of new and emerging technologies in every single field.